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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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gadhafi's reign of terror comes to a bloody end. >> the dramatic way the pirate was trapped down and his final frantic moments. hello everyone. >> the people here is what people are talking about tonight. >> it is a new day. wjz has complete coverage. we start with scott, he shows us what it looked like on the
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scene gadhafi was captured and killed. >> reporter: rebels dragged gadhafi out of the drainage ditch and that's when the mayhem started. gadhafi's last moments were recorded. this is what 42 years of rage looks like. his last words reportedly don't kill me, don't kill my sons. but amid the screens of god is great, gadhafi met his end speaking and shot. they hoisted his body on to a truck so the crowds could see their cries. an ambulance pulled up to take the body away. photo journalist holly was traveling with the ambulance drivers and told us about the scene. >> i could see his face -- i
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couldn't see his first -- see his face at first. then i saw the top of his head there was blood and his hair, which is like signature of gadhafi the frizzy hair. they were just ecstatic. >> the body guards may have killed him to prevent -- she's live with the impact. gadhafi's death has had on some marylanders. >> reporter: they too have been waiting for that. they say he ripped something away from them that's impossible to replace. as libyans fire rifles in a eee square over come with emotion after gadhafi was captured and gunned down, 5,000 miles away his maryland victims are rejoices too. >> you never come to closure
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when you've lost your only child. >> reporter: she still struggles with the death of marion. she calls him an oval man. wjz reached her by man. >> i've been choked up all day. she was deprived of her beautiful life. but she lives on in spirit. >> reporter: thursday night a large group of libyan americans erupted into song and dance in front of the white house. many remember firsthand the terror of gadhafi's regime. >> we've always said once we go back to libya, once gadhafi is gone we can do this. the day has finally arrived. we were overwhelmed with so much emotion. >> reporter: congressman a ranging member says he anticipated this day. >> i obviously have met with gadhafi, i didn't trust him, i
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didn't like him. i thought he was a thrill dictator in his own country. but eventually your time comes. >> congressman says the real challenge begins now because the country has to rebuild the government and provide so many new jobs to a country that's been oppressed for so long. >> thank you, in arlington national cemetery there's a memorial dedicate today the victims flight 103 many relatives visited throughout the day. a nasty crash, flying over the scene at baltimore boulevard and the beltway. one person was taken to the hospital. no word yet on why the car ended up in the woods. it has happened again, reports of students engaged in inappropriate sexual acts at this time in a school during class. wjz is live in baltimore county police headquarters the story that has outraged many. >> county police showed up at
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milford mill academy, tonight three teenagers are charged with a reverted sex act and indecent exposure. >> reporter: police say it happened in this auditorium while class was in session, three students involved in a sex act while a substitute teacher was in the room. >> every saw it. >> reporter: the three range in age from 15-17. >> i just heard there were sexual acts being performed in the auditorium. >> reporter: it gives a very bad name to the school and young females like me. >> reporter: school officials tell wjz they are cooperating with the police investigation they say once the investigation is complete we will take the appropriate disciplinary action if necessary. just last friday this tape blurred to protect the identity of those involved popped up on the web. it shows students engaging in a
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sex act on city school property. >> if they're doing this, i think these are children in need of help some matter shape or form. >> reporter: child psychologist says schools need to monitor students more closely, communication also key. >> having parents involved and teachers involved. getting together and bringing this out in the open and see what's wrong. >> reporter: before it comes to criminal charges. and county police say they believe the incident at milford mill academy was consensual. megan, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, megan. >> baltimore city police continue to investigate the incident that happened outside a building not used for instructional purposes. our team is caught up in a -- he was arrested at his family's home in july. today he was charged with helping pennsylvania woman prosecutors say he offered to help her recruit and fund
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overseas terror operation that includes a plot -- a suspected hatchet murder has been tracked down tonight more than 1,000 miles from his home in baltimore. there are grew some new details about the killing. >> reporter: ryan jackson was found stabbed to death with a hatchet his body was dumped in baltimore. now police have arrested 37- year-old larry horton and charged him with first first- degree murder. they tracked him down more than 1,000 miles away in alabama. there's no telling what, you know, went through that guy's mind at the time, but, you know, it will all -- it will all come out. >> reporter: jackson's girlfriend is due to give birth to his son in just nine days. >> i don't really care all i want is him to come home. >> reporter: the ordeal has devastated jackson's aunt. >> i want to thank you from the
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bottom of our hearts for the -- >> reporter: police found blood in the home on ram bow court where they believe he was killed and evidence tried to clean the carpets. >> homicide investigators became interested in mr. horton early in this investigation. >> reporter: she plans to name her baby after his dad. >> no one is perfect, but he was perfect for me. >> reporter: he'll be brought back to maryland to face charges. >> until he's actually convicted and being sentenced and that's when i might have the closure that i'm looking for. >> reporter: mike, wjz eyewitness news. baltimore county police are in alabama. they tell us they have found the hatchet they believe was the murder weapon. medical expert blast -- michael jack -- defense attorneys for conrad murray
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claim that jock son gave himself fatal dose of the death. today leading expert called murray's actions unethical and illegal saying it's highly unlikely jackson could have killed himself. >> people don't just wake up from anesthesia like that. people don't wake up to grab the next dose in a syringe, draw it up and shove it in their iv again. it's a crazy scenario. >> defense team is expected to counter. tonight a researcher has begun her long journey from the frigid south pole's to the hospital. renee arrived in new zealand earlier this week. doctors believe she suffer a stroke 2 months ago and it has taken this long to get her out. she is expected here monday night. when she makes it, they do believe she'll recover with proper treatment. well the holidays are coming and howard county leaders want you to take a month to get ready.
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they're not talking about shopping, they're talking about health. for the next 30 days children and adults are being asked to take a pledge to skip the soda, don't drink it. drink something else without all the sugar and calories. if you think you're ready to make the pledge, we put a link to it. just click on links and numbers. >> that's going to be really hard for some people. coming up inside the mind of steve jobs, the regret he lived with and how that could have saved his life. the signs of trouble before their owner unleashed the exotic animals on the country side. >> i think it's been -- it sends all the wrong signals. >> bad influence bar bi, the features on this new doll that has upset so many parents. sunshine for your weekend, the forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 55 degrees. in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. rough seas in chicago. take a look at these boats getting tossed around. strong winds and 25-foot waves caused several of the boats to break free and crash against the concrete walls. police say more than a dozen were damaged and several even zung. the high wind also caused a
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lake front area to be closed to visitors. a group allegedly uses a fake funeral for a baby to rip off thousands of dollars in donations. police say women would stand at an intersection holding a sign with a baby's picture and ask for money to pay for the funeral. but it was a hoax, police have arrested four people. detectives say the fraud went from town to town over the past year scamming a thousand dollars a day. revelations about how apple ceo dealt with the cancer. according to arthur, he put off life surgery savings. he conducted more than 40 interviews with jobs for up coming biography. he regretted the decision to delay surgery. he reveals he was receiving cancer treatments in treatment after telling everyone he was cleared. he shares more stories about steve jobs that you haven't heard with 60 minutes.
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you can see it sunday night right here. we are learning more about the ohio farmer -- farm owner who let dozens of exotic animals escape. court records show he owed at least $68,000 in unpaid taxes. according to a friend thompson took in so many creatures he was in over his head. police have not speculated on a motive, officers killed nearly 50 animals set free by thompson, several were saved an taken to the zoo. the owners of a local animal sanctuary are claiming victory tonight. they won a decade long dispute over their monkeys. angry neighbors are not giving up their fight yet. >> come on you. >> reporter: since 1999 colleen fought to keep her monkeys she started with 30 and created wild life sanctuary. but over the years new homes have sprung up around her howard county rescue and those neighbors, especially the ones who share a drive way, wanted
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the monkeys gone. >> we were here first. keep in mind, when we had the sanctuary here you had to have three or more lakers to live here. >> reporter: this week the board agreed that her and her monkeys can stay. >> i've been smiling for 3 days. my husband gets up at 3:00 in the morning he says i'm smiling in my sleep. >> reporter: the county has never cited her for violation. neighbors fear that one of the monkeys will escape and pose a threat to homeowners. >> i don't know that anyone knows how dangerous monkeys are or that they can carry disease until you really look into something like that. >> reporter: attorney thomas represents some of the neighbors. he says this week's ruling may not be the last step for his clients. >> they were disappointed in the decision because it still allows the monkeys to stay and
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it still permits other exotic animals to come in. >> reporter: now that the county has agreed fisties can stay on this land there is one more stipulation. no more new monkeys. in howard county i'm gigi barnett wjz eyewitness news. >> her fault only cares for small animals and it cannot handle large exotic creatures such as alligators. the sonic was placed at the top of 100-foot structure and then bun gee jumped to the bottom. the stunt was part of internet promotion. after certain number of people clicked on the web site. the car was sent off the edge. the list price, $14,000, the bun gee cord not included. well, it is bar bee like we've never seen her before, she is sporting now in this version pink hair, stilettos
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and she's covered in tattoos. that's her name, exotic body art includes a large flower on her chest and tiger curling up her neck. why some are fearful the doll is marketed to adult collectors. bar by cost $50. >> i don't know where you're going with that. >> let's take a look at temperatures, hadn't really dropped a whole lot because the clouds around, a bit of a breeze. now we're at 55 earlier tonight we were like 58, 59. so really hasn't dropped much. that southwest wind is keeping the chilly air out temporarily. barometer has been rising. right now the cold spot way out west, 36 oakland, they've been in the mid upper 30s all evening long.
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45 in cumberland. east of the mountains we're still in the mid and upper 50s and 56 ocean city. the dew point is low at 39 degrees. typically on a totally clear night with no winds the dew point, now i think over night tonight many will get down to the low 40s. we're already down to 54 west minister and 55 up in bell air. in columbia, there's still the breeze though, still 5, 10, 15 miles an hour as you can see. as long as you have that wind going it keeps temperatures from dropping off. when the winds quit, that's when temperatures hit the bound level. now that low pressure is still sitting over portions of michigan. we talk about the winds on lake michigan and the waves up to 25- foot waves in chicago area, pretty amazing stuff. this storm is still spinning around. most of the rain, however, with it is gone. it's cooler temperatures in the 40s, there were a few waves some of the highest peaks in the appalachians, you see little very little rain left to
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it. it still has this spin to it because of that we're still getting our wind generally out of the west and southwest. that will allow somewhat cooler but in particular -- but tomorrow during the daytime plenty of sunshine, we'll call it cooler compared to what we've seen, but all weekend long saturday into sunday a lot of sunshine, nice fall weekend across the region. the bay temp in the mid-60s. tonight, cooler than last night down to 44. last night we were in the 60s actually. tomorrow a nice fall day and partly sunny skies may get up to 62 in most places staying in the upper 60s. down low 40s come up with 30s. 63 on sunday, a few clouds maybe a sprinkle monday as warmer air moves in up to 68. you can see it on tuesday with partly cloudy skies. >> thank you, bob.
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coming up. the ravens reflect on the special connection they have with the coach they're going to face monday night. >> coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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purple friday. tomorrow mark is here with our sports report. >> plenty of purple, hold it until monday. we notice there is a growing sentence that the reigning could be a super bowl team this year. and if they win in jacksonville on monday, ball moore will have a 5-1 lord for the first time since that championship season. ray lewis is the last remaining, monday he's going to face the linebacker's coach from that title run. he keeps a picture that ravens super bowl team, he and ray lewis are mutual admirers. >> any time you web a
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championship with somebody, you're going to have those memories. that group was special and jack was a huge huge part of that success. >> hard and soul for that defense for a long time. ray lewis continues to play at amazingly high level, the fire he brings, intensity he brings every single day every single play. i think that's what separates him. i think that's -- he's got a appetite to be great and to pay the price to be great and then it demanded of others around him. >> players absent from today's practice, lineman ben grubs and linebacker jared all out with injuries. but rookie corner did practice the first time in several weeks. you can see the ravens monday night live from jacksonville. see it right here on wjz, special coverage comes your way at 8:00. here is a tough site for nba fans, players and suits to
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settle the lockout broke down today. derrick fisher of the lakers instead of -- says the players and owners are divided on how to split revenues and there's a stalemate on issue of hard salary cap. more games likely to be wiped out as lockout continues. it's been on for 112 days. no hoops but there is hockey and alex and the washington caps are red hot. best start to a season in history. skating in philly, here is the first of its two goals this one put the caps on top and they go on to 5-2 win over the flyers. that's the best ever for that franchise. in baseball, texas is just defeated 2-1 world series ,,,,,,
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it's hammer time on the internet. rappers turn mc hammer is launching his own search engine. he says his wire do project we'll give you direct results but information on related topics. it will be 2 legit 2 quit when searching for the web site. parachute pants are optional when using it. >> we can help you with that.
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>> okay. hammer. >> hammer time. >> oh, okay, that's it. >> be r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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